We are JRP Impex

We are JRP Impex from India & Netherlands, we are Sourcing & Supply Chain Management Company for Foods & Agro Products.

We Focus On
  • Products with significant differentiation at global and regional levels.
  • Products mostly related to food and agricultural goods
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What We Do?

Our Products and Services

  • We generate customer loyalty and long term relationship.
  • We enjoy and “talk” the culture of our foreign clients.
  • We invest time and effort in getting along with customers.
  • We know industrialization processes in depth.
  • We care about the product conditioning to fulfill the import countries needs
  • *We are Offering Below Range of Products from our Valuable Customers*

JRP Impex. Leading traders in the global market with experience and exposure. It has been more ten years of serving the international market with our agricultural commodities and products. Our vast network of suppliers and resources are earned over the years. Our each product and services come from the experience.

Ratilal Thummar

Founder & CEO

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