The Best Black Pepper Exporter

Black pepper is spice from Piperaceae family and it is mostly use as spice and medicine. Also called ‘kaali mirch’ in Hindi, ‘nalla miriyalu’ in Telugu, ‘karumilaku’ in Tamil, ‘kari menasu’ in Kannada, and ‘kurumulak’ in Malayalam, ‘lada hitam’ in Malay and ‘Pilipili nyeusi’ in Swahili. black pepper is a flowering vine that is cultivated [...]

Cashew Market Report – R Thummar

Most buyers of cashew nut kernels are sitting on their hands and watching the developments. This is usual for a market showing weakness price wise. Is this the right decision? Time will tell of course, but several facts on pricing is clear: RCN prices are less than 50% of what they were during the past [...]
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