Dear Friends, With the Summer Crop ready for Harvest I thought it was time again to update for Sesame Seeds Crop. Sesame seeds production has been increasing over the years along with its demand.  The edible oilseeds coming in the assorted range of white, black & brown are one of the most favored crops to [...]

Cashew Market Report – R Thummar

Most buyers of cashew nut kernels are sitting on their hands and watching the developments. This is usual for a market showing weakness price wise. Is this the right decision? Time will tell of course, but several facts on pricing is clear: RCN prices are less than 50% of what they were during the past [...]

Black Cumin Seed

In Indian cooking the seeds are called kalonji. Black seed is not a cumin at all. Black seed oil... Black seed oil, nigella sativa, comes from the beautiful Love-in Mist flower.Black cumin is an annual flowering plant and the seeds are dark, thin, and crescent in shape. Black seed oil is considered as a remedy [...]

Benefits and Recipes of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are gotten from a plant of the Sesamum variety and bear the logical name of Sesamum indicum…. Proof of their local structures in Africa and India. The sesame plant is greatly flexible and develops in places where numerous different yields fall flat, which is the reason it is intensely depended on for a […]

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