Coriander seeds Nutrition facts

Are you confused between coriander and cilantro?

Are you confused between coriander and cilantro? They are the same plant — Coriandrum sati vum.
Cilantro, also called Chinese parsley, is the leaf of the plant. Coriander is the seed of the plant. The plant belongs to the family group, Apiaceae. Other familiar plants in this family include carrots, celery and fennel.
The taste of the leaves is quite different from the taste of the seeds. Cilantro leaves spice up salsa, fish tacos and curry dishes. Coriander seeds have a sweeter, slightly citrus taste. They are used in baking many breads and desserts.
Another use for coriander is as a companion plant. The USDA Cooperative Extension Service found that interplanting coriander with lettuce protects the plants from aphids. The coriander attracts overflies, a beneficial insect, whose larvae eat up to 150 aphids per day.
Coriander is also highly valued in traditional medicine. According to the Oriental Medicine Association, coriander stems and seeds are medicinal herbs. The seeds are spicy, and bathing in mature coriander plants provides relief from colds. It also detoxes the body and prevents and cures measles.

Coriander seeds and powder are commonly use in cooking. the coriander leavers are often used raw and added to the dish just before serving.Coriander is most popular flavor booster used in preparing various dishes.

Coriander Seeds are used as anti-diabetic.Coriander seeds is also used to lower cholesterol. it is also helps to control blood sugar. Coriander’s volatile oil is rich in beneficial phyto nutrients. coriander seeds have anti-oxidant properties and dietary fiber that advance the healthy working of the liver also it helps in the generation of digestive compounds and juices that facilitate the procedure of digestion.

Coriander is known all over the world for its medicinal properties. It is a great source of potassium, iron, vitamins A, K, and C, folic acid,

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