India is world`s largest country who produces, consumes, exports wide range of spices since ancient times to the different part of the world. And cumin is one of those spices which are used worldwide from Middle East to Eastern part of India. Every year India exports more than 180,300 tons of cumin and JRP Impex Pvt. Ltd are leading traders and exporters from India, provides best quality of cumin to many corners of the world. The global consumption for cumin is estimated to be 187,000 tons every year and the major importers are Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

Cumin is a flowering plant which is part of Apiaceae family and derived from Latin term Cuminum. It is a dried seed of the herb Cuminum, a member of the parsley family famously known as JEERA in India. The plant of cumin grows up to 30-50 cm tall and are harvested by hand. It is sown in spring season and requires hot temperature (25 and 30 °C) and take 3 to 4 months to grow completely, at low temperature leaf color starts changing from green to purple. The Mediterranean climate is most suitable for growth. In India sowing process start from month of October to December and are harvested in the month of February. Since ancient time cumin is not only used for food but used in many sectors like medicines, essential oils, perfumes etc. Cumin considered to be homemade medicine used to cure many health issues. The medicinal uses of cumin are, improves blood circulation, has anti-septic properties which provides instant relief against acidity, good source of iron, antioxidant and stabilize free radicals, cures itchiness and body heat, increases immunity system etc. India and China are largest producers of Cumin, which produces around 70% of the world supply and at same time also considered to be largest consumers also. Other than that Mexico also produces large quantity of cumin every year.

It is especially important in food and export industries to maintain the food quality level. If the standard is not maintained and not matched with quality standards of other countries, they may just depose it or reject it. But JRP impex has always kept the quality standard up to the mark. Other than cumin we do export wide range of other agricultural products like peanuts, spices, nuts, dry fruits etc. Our do have team of experts which are always there to help and guide out there during the time of exports. If you are looking for any agricultural products, please feel free to contact JRP impex Pvt.Ltd. or visit our website:

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