‘You can never have too much coffee, after every cup you need another cup’. Brewed, boiled or served cold, coffee is truly a magnificent ingredient that has all its consumers glued to it. It is the morning elixir for most coffee-drinkers. The crackling taste of the beans and the punch of the caffeine within them, all of it make it a difficult drink to let go once you develop a taste for it. But do you know how this magical drink gain such reputation? If you are local, then you might have heard some stories from the coffee beans suppliers in India about the origin of coffee. Today, let’s elaborate a little more on it and take you back in history.  

  • Coffee- the first trace 

Coffee was first brought to India by an Indian Sufi Saint Baba Budan. He was in Yemen and while in the city of Mocha, he tasted a drink made from coffee beans. The taste and the after-results of the drink got him wondering about the coffee beans. He loved the drink so much that Baba Budan hid about seven coffee beans in his beard and brought them to India. He then planted these in the hilly forests of Chikmaglur, a city in Karnataka. This happened in the 17th century and while the coffee plantation flourished here, the Britishers came and turned it into a commodity of trade in the 18th century.  

Since then, coffee has been a people’s favourite. The coffee beans suppliers in India generally trade in two main kinds of coffee beans- the Arabica and the Robusta. The Arabica has a great aroma and a mild flavour. While the Robusta has a strong taste and a little less fragrant properties.  

  • Coffee- production in India 

Coffee beans exporters in India have found that the demand of the Arabica coffee beans are much more as they are strong in flavour and are used to make coffee flavour blends. Most of the supply of coffee beans that is shipped by coffee beans exporters in India goes to regions of Japan, Europe and Middle East. In India, the coffee business is dependent on the coffee beans production in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. However, most coffee beans suppliers in India get their supplies from Karnataka, as it produces 60% of the country’s coffee stock. In fact, India is said to be among the top ten coffee beans exporters in the world.  

  • Coffee- finding it in India 

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