Frozen Fruits And Vegetables Exporting to Europe

The increasing usages of frozen products of the soil are driven by the growing buyer want for helpful and quicker to-get ready foods. Europe is the huge market for frozen fruits and vegetables in the world, representing almost half of the all-out world imports. Gigantic bringing in and devouring markets, for instance, Germany, France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom offer open entryways for exporters from creating countries.

Product description

Product definition

Frozen fruits and vegetable foods are grown from the ground are a scope of product arranged by the utilization of a freezing procedure on fresh, spotless, and ready to eat fruits and vegetables. Aside from freezing in the generation procedure, foods grown from the ground can likewise experience tasks, for example, washing, peeling, evaluating, cutting, blanching/deactivation of protein action, etc, depending upon the kind of product.

The freezing activity must be completed so that the freezing process from the surface to the center point of the product happens rapidly. The speedy freezing process is done when the temperature in the center point of the natural product comes to - 18 °C.

Quick-frozen fruits and vegetables can be presented as:

• Entire and free-streaming (individually quick–frozen, IQF);

• non-free-streaming (in the form of a block);

• crumbled (in the form of crushed fruit);

• cut in various shapes;

• combination of various styles.

Discretionary ingredients allowed for specific frozen fruit and vegetables are:

• salt (sodium chloride);

• sugars (sucrose, invert sugar, invert sugar syrup, dextrose, fructose, glucose syrup or dried glucose syrup, edible oils);

• aromatic herbs;

• stock or juices of vegetables;

• vegetable garnishes up to a maximum of 10% of the total drained vegetable ingredient.

Product detail


The fundamental quality essential for frozen fruits and vegetables are:

• good, reasonably uniform color, characteristic of the category and variety;

• clean, sound and free from external objects;

• free from distant flavor and odor;

• when presented as free-flowing, fruit and vegetables not fond of each other;

• reasonably free from without color fruit

• Frequently created with the shape commonplace for the variety in each package;


As specified by Codex Alimentarius standards and industry practice, the name of the food declare on the label will incorporate the accompanying data:

• “name of fruit or vegetable”;

• the words “quick-frozen” or “frozen”;

• the name of the component is used (for example, sugar, salt, spices, and so on);

• the style, as appropriate (for example, “IQF whole”, “block”, “crumble”, sized/unsized);

• the style of cutting, if applicable (for example, diced, halved, julienned, trimmed, ring, chopped, and so on).

On account of frozen fruits and vegetables of the soil in mass packaging, the data required above must be put on the container or in going with reports.

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