Groundnut kernels, mostly cooked or toasted, are loved worldwide as a flavorful snack food, nutritionally dense due to its high energy, protein and fat content. Groundnuts are also used as a primary ingredient in many finished goods such as peanut butter, nutritional bars, Indian sweets, and in various dishes. 

There is a tremendous scope for export of peanut snacks and other value-added products of groundnut. Groundnut itself has vast export potential and to take advantage of this opportunity, more attention should be given to quality aspects particularly aflatoxin management. Here are some steps to reduce aflatoxin contamination: 

  • Early planting 
  • Maintaining field hygiene 
  • Harvesting of water in the field 
  • Soil amendments 


In India, groundnut is considered as the “King of oilseeds”. It is available throughout the year due to two-crop cycles, harvested in March and October. India is the largest exporter of groundnut in the world. In the year 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov), India has exported Groundnut worth of 87.27 USD million. The total volume of export in 2020-2021 (Apr-Nov) was around 252532879. Indian groundnuts are available in different varieties: Bold, Java and Red Natal. Apart from raw edible peanuts, India also supplies blanched peanuts, roasted salted peanuts, dry roasted peanuts, peanut butter and a variety of peanut based products (IOPEPC). 

Groundnuts for edible use require considerable processing and sorting to ensure high quality:  

  • Removal of stones and other foreign matter 
  • Removal of shells 
  • Removal of kernels that are shriveled, off-color, or otherwise unsatisfactory 
  • Grading for size and uniformity 

In this process a large measure of hand sorting is needed to get the required quality. Therefore, edible groundnuts are traditionally called ‘Hand Picked and Selected Groundnuts’ or ‘HPS Groundnuts’ (HPSG) in trade circles. 

Therefore, for supreme quality and hand-picked groundnuts, make JRP Impex your choice for getting your favorite groundnut-based products. 

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