JRP Impex is a leading supply chain management company, dealing in multiple agriculturally  produced items. Amongst the many items we trade in, such as nuts, spices, grains etc- we also pay a special focus on making certain not-so-readily available items accessible to our customers. One of these is the Niger Seeds.  

 Niger seeds are grains which are black or dark brown in colour and they have a high nutritive value. It grows out of an herb and is found to be a rich source of oil. In fact, it is popularly known as ‘birdseed’ because of the energy it provides to birds in the winter season, helping them keep warm and alive! In the kitchen, the Niger seeds have multiple uses, primarily as oil or sometimes, to add a nutty flavour. It is also used in the beauty industry for its moisturizing and anti-oxidant properties. Adding to the list, these seeds are used in paints and perfumes as well!  

 There are so many benefits of this seed but still it is not available easily and that is because of the heavy rain and moist conditions it needs for harvesting. In India, it is grown in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Orissa.  

 At JRP Impex we are proud that we are trading Niger seeds amongst other items and with over 10 years of specialised expertise, we know the best sources and methods to procure the right products for our clients. Our promise is to always ensure top-quality deliveries and competitive supply prices. This has allowed us to build a large international customer base that continually appreciates our efficiency and performance. We would like to have you as a part of our wider family too, so let’s connect today at [email protected]  

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