nutmeg traders in india

India is the hub of the best spices in the world. In fact, Ayurveda mentions multiple of these spices that are used till-date for different purposes. At JRP Impex, we source and supply a great selection of Indian spices. We have clove, cardamom, dry ginger, nutmeg, coriander, black pepper and many other spices available on our website, you can check out all of them here.

All these spices have something notable and interesting about them, especially in terms of how they look and feel, specifically nutmeg. Nutmeg is a spice that has a slightly big round-oval shape, with a brownish layer on the outside that feels uneven. It is born out of a plant called ‘Myristic Fragrance’, also known as Nutmeg Tree. In terms of aroma, nutmegs are quite strong and distinctive. They have a peculiar sweet and spicy flavour as well. Popularly, nutmeg powder is used in baking both sweet and savoury dishes.

In order to cultivate nutmeg, conditions need to be extremely moist, well-watered and protected from the sun’s heat. After continuous efforts of years, the Nutmeg Tree sprouts with fruits which are then plucked, dried and processed further for varied purposes like cooking. Apart from the food industry, nutmegs are used in the production of certain soaps and toothpastes as well. It is known to have many health benefits as it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and it can help in fighting certain serious ailments of the heart and liver. The primary nutrients found in nutmeg are vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, iron and magnesium.

Nutmegs definitely have a lot of goodness packed in them and that’s why, there’s no doubt that they are widely demanded across different regions. In fact, several countries have taken after Asia and are cultivating nutmegs under controlled conditions. We feel proud that we, at JRP Impex, source and supply the best quality and high in standard nutmegs. As a supply chain management business, our aim is to take this popular spice, along with all the other Indian spices, to different corners of the world.

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