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Nuts are a major source of proteins and they also carry other nutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium and fibers. In the agricultural sector, these have been in great demand in India. The nuts produced in the Indian regions are known for their premium quality and the nuts supply business is surely a profitable one. Here, the agro-food brokers enjoy a high reputation in the market. JRP Impex is also an agricultural food produce broker. We source and supply products like nuts and spices locally and internationally.  

Under the category of nuts, we supply desiccated coconut, raw peanuts, natural sesame seeds, blanched peanuts, cashew kernels and shell peanuts. From general point of view, all these nuts have a lot of goodness packed in them. But individually too, they bring in some unique benefits. Let’s have a look at some of these. 


The good-looking palm trees are the reason why coconuts are available for us to use. Coconuts are said to have originated in India and Southeast Asia, and these mostly grow in warmer climates. These juicy, sweet tasting fruits are processed in different ways and are modified depending upon the purpose they are being used for, whether as fruits, nuts or seeds. Coconuts are known to have iron, manganese, copper and magnesium. 


The peanut plant is said to have originated in South America. The fruit of this plant, that is the peanut, grows under the surface of the ground and is actually classified as a legume (like soyabeans). These are covered by a hard shell and this variety of peanuts is called as ‘moongphali’ in India. Peanuts are further processed to remove the hard shell and are sold in a raw or blanched form. They carry magnesium, folate, vitamin e, copper and arginine.   


Cashews grow in areas with a tropical weather and these are said to have been found by the Portuguese explorers in the regions of Brazil and South America. Cashews generally grow as fruits on the cashew tree and the nut at its bottom is considered to be the edible part. Cashew kernels are generally sold in the dry fruit market and have nutrients such as copper, magnesium, vitamin B6, zinc and iron.  

If you are a supplier, wholesaler or business dealing in nuts, then you must check out our JRP Impex nuts range. We provide superior quality nuts and are known as one of the best suppliers and brokers of agro-foods in our country.  

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