Peanut (Groundnut) Sowing Report

Dear Friends, Peanut Crop Sowing Report for Winter Crop 2019-20 as below by state wise

Now rain season going on, but due to delay rain some part have healthy crop and some part have damage crop, some are plantation fail due to delayed rain, so all over crop is normal. We expected crop will be healthy and good.For New crop 2019 Price fact, Govt of India In cress again Minimum Support Price, which is 52 Inr., Last Year was 50 Inr. So Market not seen can more down. As we expected new crop Price should be for 40/50 Bold 1050-1100 USD FOB Base.
China Crop have damage, so we expected china must buy good volume from India, So New Crop Chinless demand will be very Strong
Last Year stock with Govt of India Still date Around 2.5 Lac Ton, which is going on auction regular, so before new crop Started will be old crop stock can be 1.5 Lac Ton.
Current Market Scenario is very strong, Prices up cz of raw material Shortage, Govt. of India Sale Slowly Stock with high Price, So Current Market is for 40/50 Bold 1125-1175 USD FOB Base. Last week done around 50 container contract in China- Vietnam with 1190-1230 USD.
We will keep you update news for peanut crop
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Mr. Ratilal
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