Peanuts have been around for centuries. They are the kind of nuts that stand out for the variety, taste and longevity they offer. Indian peanut exporters refer to it as the ‘king’ of the nut family and quite rightly so as they carry great vital nutrients like vitamin E, proteins, biotin, magnesium, niacin, folate, phosphorus and thiamine. These grow underground and are also called ‘groundnuts’. Peanut exporters refer to it with different names depending on the region they are located in. For example, in Telugu it’s called ‘Pallelu’, in Gujarati it’s called Singhdana, in Marathi it’s called ‘Shengdaane’ and in Hindi, it is called ‘Moongphali’.  

  • Types of Peanuts 

Apart from the various names peanuts are known by, they are also known to have multiple types. Primarily, there are four kinds of peanuts available all around the world.  

  1. Runner:
    • These are the kind of peanuts that are majorly shipped by peanut exporters in the market. The Runner peanuts are mid-sized and are found in a rather symmetrical form. These are used for producing majority of peanut products like peanut butter and nut-based candies.
  2. Virginia:
    • These peanuts get their name from the location they are populously produced in, that is Virginia, USA. They have a big shell on the outside. Virginia peanuts are delicious and crunchy to taste and are heavily sold at baseball matches.  
  3. Spanish:
    • The Spanish variety of peanuts are reddish on the outside and are nutty to taste. They have an increased oil content and that is why, peanut importers in Europe prefer to import the Spanish peanuts in order to support the peanut oil demands of their region. 
  4. Valencia:
    • The Valencia peanuts are quite sweet to taste and they have a bright red skin colouring. These consist of at least three kernels in their long shell covering.  

Benefits of Peanuts  

Moving on now that we know the various types of peanuts, let’s glance through some pointers and understand why peanuts are such good nuts.  

  • Improve heart health 
  • Support body transformation 
  • Improves brain’s cognitive functioning  
  • Prevents kidney stones 
  • Helps maintain glowing skin 
  • Keeps hair shiny  
  • Maintains eye health  

The Peanut Supremacy:

Peanuts truly do have a huge beneficial quality packed within them and that is why peanut exporters in India as well as peanut importers in Europe love trading in this variety of nuts. Other than this, the additional reasons for peanut exporters to trade in this underground agricultural good is that they have a long shelf life. Also, these can be used and consumed in many forms like raw, blanched, boiled, roasted and grounded. In fact, “A large-scale study found that people who regularly ate any kind of nuts (including peanuts) were less likely to die of any cause than were people who rarely ate nuts” (Source:  

It doesn’t end here, peanuts are also loved for the variety of food items they can be used for making such as peanut butter, hummus, pies, salads, stir-fries and cookies. Such is the peanut supremacy in the nut market and peanut exporters everywhere all-around nod in agreement to this. So, if you are a looking to source some good quality peanuts in India or as peanut importers in Europe and the wider world, you can absolutely rely on us. Please contact our team at [email protected] or visit our website at 


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