Varieties: Ceylon Tea, Assam Tea, etc.
Grade: OP, CTC, OFF Grades
Origin: Sri-Lanka, India, Kenya
Packaging: Paper Bag, Carton

Arabic:  شاي أسود
Portuguese: Chá preto
Dutch: Zwarte thee
Spanish: Té negro


Black tea is one of the best teas to be consumed daily. Loaded with antioxidants, black tea offers its drinkers not only the goodness of caffeine, but also all the other benefits that come with the natural nature of tea. It helps improve the body’s immunity, while also aiding in fending off from various forms of bacterial and viral infections. Just like green tea, black tea also has diuretic properties, making it an amazing detox beverage for the body. Furthermore, black tea has stress relieving properties, which make it an amazingly calming beverage. Our master blenders to make sure that the quality served is the best carefully examine all the leaves.

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