JRP Impex

In the past few decades, many business leaders have recognized that they have other responsibilities to undertake too, than just focusing on maximizing profits for their shareholders and executives. They have a social responsibility towards people, society and planet earth and not just corporations.

The modernization of agriculture in the western world has definitely contributed to a rapid increase in food production. But it has also added to environmental and societal concerns such as greenhouse gas emissions, soil quality and biodiversity loss.

Apart from its business activities, JRP Impex involves itself in fulfilling its responsibility towards society. The company shares its profit in leading activities that contribute to social welfare. JRP Impex has always actively participated in such social welfare practices and has reached out to many people in need.

What we do?

Our Social Deeds

  • JRP has always taken the initiative of helping people in need.
  • Contributes to various local organizations.
  • Supports the rural regions.
  • JRP has always motivated educational activities and reached out to multiple regions.
  • Provided educational support to rural areas.
  • Contributed to organizations.
  • JRP Impex has always offset the negative environmental impact by planting trees, funding research and donating to related causes.
  • Reduction in single use plastic, low water consumption and general waste.
  • Increase in renewable energy and recycled or partially recycled materials.
  • JRP Impex always took an initiative to support the local farmers by introducing new technology to them.
  • Buying product directly from the farmers.

Aside from its business exercises, JRP Impex includes itself in duties towards the society. Along with that, the organization shares its benefits with activities that drive the government’s social assistance. JRP Impex has effectively taken part in such friendly government assistance and has attempted to connect numerous individuals.

Ratilal Thummar

Founder & CEO

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